Webmap - Custom Labels

Some layers come with predefined labels. Only one predefined label per layer can be active at a time. Custom Labels can be created to show multiple types of information at once, and can be generated for layers that do not automatically come with labels. Custom Labels are user-profile specific. Custom Labels can also be used in conjuction with an Attribute Query to only label features that are found within the Attribute Query layer.

One common example would be to create a Custom Label for the Cadastre layer that includes Owner Label, Roll, House Address and Rural Legal as one label block.

STEP 1: Click on the Custom Label tool from the toolbar to the left of the map. 

STEP 2: Custom Labels window opens. This window shows all of the Custom Labels that have already been created. Custom Labels are saved specifically to a user profile.

STEP 3: Click new on the top left of the window to create a new label. 

STEP 4: Label For: Select the applicable feature within the drop down list. You can select an Attribute Query in this dropdown as well.


STEP 5: Label Name: Name your label. Attributes: Select the attribute from the drop down and click Add Value. You can do this as many times as you like until you have added all your desired attributes. 


STEP 6: The Text window displays the layout of the labels. You can use the enter key in between values to ensure that they display on separate lines, or add text. 


Roll: [roll]

Civic Address: [address]

Rural Legal: [rurallegal]  

STEP 7: Change the min and max range if desired. Change the text size to the desired size (around 14 is recommended). Change the colour if desired. Yellow works well on a darker background such as ortho imagery.  


STEP 8: Save your label query by pressing Save. A message will show up saying that t has been saved successfully. Click the Update Map button to add the label to the map. Click the garbage can in the attribute query window to delete the query or the pencil icon to make additional edits. You can view all your Custom Labels within the Custom Labels tool.