Our Munisight Webmap now uses a basemap layer from OpenStreetMaps.

We do not control the information that is shown on Open Street Maps. We simply display the data.

If you would like to disable the OpenStreetMaps basemap on your webmap you can do so by clicking the button on the top right next to the Imagery tab.

You can also update the information on OpenStreetMaps yourself using the following steps:
Navigate to OpenStreetMap.org

Click “Sign Up” and create an account. This requires a valid email address (it will not be displayed publicly)

Once you are logged in, navigate to the desired area and click Edit in the top left corner

Zoom in to the feature you wish to edit, then click on it. A sidebar will show the attributes on the left. You can edit any attribute information within the sidebar.

Save your changes using the Save button at the top right.

A Review window on the left sidebar will flag any errors you may have. If there are no changes, you can click Upload on the sidebar to upload your changes.

Your changes will be reviewed by other users and will show up on Open Street Maps after a short time.