In some instances, you’ll want to print several inspector's notices. This can be done in AG-Mobile for a variety of reports for both weeds and pests.

STEP 1: Login into MuniSight Webmap 

STEP 2: Access Weed or Pest Management module 

  • Select the Weed or Pest Management module, from the top left menu

  • The reporting dashboard will be displayed by default.
  • Select the Cases section in the left navigation.
  • The Case’s table is displayed.

STEP 3Select an action 

  • Filter the case table to reflect what information you would like shown in the follow-up report.
  • Once the appropriate filters have been applied, select “Create Inspector’s Notice” from the “Actions” drop down menu, located below the Case Table. Click “Submit”.

STEP 4Configure and add details 

  • Once you’ve finished configuring and adding the appropriate details click “Create”

STEP 5 Printing Notices 

  • Once the notices have been generated you can click on the printer icon in the top right corner to print.
  • Once printed all cases that have been filtered will be updated with the new notice information.