In some instances, you will receive infestation information from sources different than AG-Mobile (e.g. farmer calls office with information). Information can be added to the Weed and Pest Management modules.

STEP 1: Login into MuniSight Webmap

  • Use your MuniSight credentials to login

    STEP 2: Access Weed or Pest Management module

  • Select the Weed or Pest Management module, from the top left menu

  • The reporting dashboard will display. Select the Cases option.
  • Case information displays:

STEP 3: Add office inspection

  • Filter the appropriate fields to select the case the office inspection applies to.
  • From the drop down Actions list, select Add Office Inspection.
  • A pop-up window will displays. Populate the fields.

  • Click Add. When prompted, click Continue.

  • The inspection is added to the case.