Inspectors Notices and Local Authority's Notices can be created in MuniSight AG-Mobile.

STEP 1: Login into MuniSight Webmap

  • Use your MuniSight credentials to login

    STEP 2: Access Weed or Pest Management module

  • Select the Weed or Pest management module, from the top left menu

  • The reporting dashboard will display. Select the Cases option.
  • Case information displays.

STEP 3: Generate notice

  • Filter the appropriate fields to narrow down the properties the notice will apply to. 
  • From the drop down menu below Actions, select Create Local Authority's Notice OR Create Inspector's Notice. Click Submit.
  • A pop-up window displays. Enter the proper information for all fields. Note: This default message can be set in the settings section.
  • Click Create. The appropriate notice will be created.

STEP 4: Print notice

  • In the top right corner of the notice, click on the printer icon.
  • When prompted, click OK.
  • Carry on printing as you would any other document.