This is the same process for Weed and Pest inspections. 

STEP 1: Login to MuniSight Mobile

  • Login to MuniSight Mobile using your MuniSight credentials

STEP 2: Navigate to the location you will be inspecting

  • Use the application to navigate to the approximate location of the inspection. MuniSight mobile displays your current GPS location as a blue dot, that you can use as a reference point.

STEP 3: Mark the inspection area

  • Select the Collection Tool to prompt the collection process
  • Select AG Pest Infestation or AG Weed Insfestation depending on the type of infestation that is being collected. Press Confirm.
    • Note: If you cannot find either AG infestation type, then contact your MuniSight administrator or MuniSight Support (

  • Draw a polygon using points, placed by your fingers. Once the polygon is satisfactory, press Confirm

STEP 4: Mark the inspection as clean.

  • Enter in the relevant infestation information.
  • In the 'Inspection Details' section, enter the following options for each of the particular fields:
    • Weed OR Pest menu, select the option --No Weeds OR --No Pest. 
    • Abundance menu, select the option Controlled OR None.
    • Stage, select the option "--" or No.
    • Percent Area, enter 100.
    • Notes, enter that it was a clean inspection

  • Click Save