AG-Mobile is easy and intuitive to use.

STEP 1: Ensure that staff members:

STEP 2: If there is no existing inspection data in MuniSight for your municipality: 

STEP 3: 
Provide staff with their log-in credentials.

STEP 4: Walk your staff through the app navigation

  • Give them an overview of how all features work, except for the collection tool.
  • Show them how to find their current location.
  • Show them the 'Help link' in app settings.

STEP 5: Walk your staff through collecting infestations using the collection tool. Additional points to highlight include:

  • Users with an administrator account can remove inspections. Ensure that all information is accurate before submitting.
  • Pictures of the inspection location can be taken.
  • Multiple polygons can be drawn for one inspection.

STEP 6: Allow staff to play around with the app. 

  • Create a new case and let them create new inspections within it. That way, they can easily be deleted after.

Your staff should be comfortable executing the following after basic training:

  1. Accessing AG-Mobile.
  2. Navigating AG-Mobile and aligning it with their location.
  3. Accessing and viewing information in the field.
  4. Inputting new inspections with accurate information.