Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MuniSight's AG-Mobile Application

What are the hardware requirements?

  • AG-Mobile runs within MuniSight Mobile
  • MuniSight Mobile runs on Android and iOS operating systems. You'll want the mobile device to have at least 4 GB of ram.
  • AG-Mobile uses the GPS and location capabilities of the smartphone or tablet. The mobile device must have built in GPS hardware.

How much cellphone data and storage does the application use?

  • There is a large variance in application data usage and storage space. If a user wishes to minimize the amount of cellphone data usage, it is recommended that they download offline data from AG-mobile while connected to wireless internet services (wi-fi) before heading out into the field. You can also work with Munisight to customize the data layers that are available when using the app in online mode or offline mode. 

How do I sync AG-Mobile with Webmap?

  • AG-Mobile will automatically synchronize its data with Webmap when it has internet access, via wireless internet (wi-fi) or cellphone coverage. If you are working in offline mode, the data will sync once you have switched back to online mode.

How do I login?

  • Download & install the application
  • If Android: go to Google Play Store
  • If iOS: Go to App store
  • Use your Webmap credentials
  • login using your webmap credentials (username & password)

I have access to multiple GIS sites, how do I change which site I am viewing?

  • Login to the application
  • After login, if the user does in fact have access to multiple sites, then they will be prompted to choose which site they want to visit
  • Switching to another site
  • User must log-out and then log back in.

How do I log-out?

  • Users can logout by accessing the application’s settings page.
  • Access the MuniSight Mobile Menu
  • Click on the gear icon, at the bottom of the menu
  • Select “Logout”

What information does the application collect about me?

  • User privacy is very important to MuniSight. Please consult MuniSight’s privacy guideline for additional information about how MuniSight uses User Information.