Several settings can be configured in AG-Mobile, including:

  • Abundance - the scale of the infestation
  • Case Status - set up different case states to help track infestations
  • Crop Type - list the common types of crops to speed up data entry
  • Growth State
  • Inspection Type
  • Inspection Zone
  • Inspector
  • Next Action - specify what type of follow-up is required
  • Site Type - list the common types of properties to speed up data entry
  • Weed Groups
  • Weeds
  • Client Info - list contact details for your AG department and set the default weed inspection notice message.

Note that the instructions below are written for Weed Management but can also be followed for Pest Management. Also note that you must have an Administrator account, to access AG-Mobile settings.

    STEP 1: Login to MuniSight Webmap

  • Login using your MuniSight credentials

    STEP 2: Access Weed Management Inspector Settings

  • Select Weed Management from the top left menu

    STEP 3: Configure settings

  • Access Settings from the side menu bar, and select the applicable Settings category from the sub-menu