AG-Mobile allows Inspectors to manage their caseload of inspections. A Follow-up report can be generated to help Inspectors focus in on what they need to follow up on.

The steps below are written for Weed Management, but can also be followed for Pest Management.

    STEP 1: Login to MuniSight Webmap

  • Use your MuniSight login credentials

    STEP 2: Access Weed Management

  • Select Weed Management from the top-left menu

    STEP 3: Access Case List, and Filter

  • Select Cases on the left side
  • Filter the case table to reflect what information you would like shown in the follow-up report. Filters available include:
    • Case #
    • Status
    • Zone
    • Roll
    • Site Type
    • Crop Type
    • Owner
    • Occupant
    • Current Inspector
    • Latest Inspection (Date)
    • Next Action
    • Follow Up Date
    • Current Weeds
    • Long Legal
    • Short Legal

    STEP 4: Generate Report

  • Once the appropriate filters have been applied, select Inspection Summary Report from the Reports drop down menu, located below the Case Table. Click Generate.