AG-mobile is designed to make managing weed and pest infestations in the field easy. The application is built on MuniSight's Mobile application, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded in the Apple Store or in Google Play. If, after downloading MuniSight Mobile, you do not have access to AG-mobile, please contact your administrator or MuniSight Support.

Learn how to download the application.

MuniSight Mobile Overview

You can learn a lot about AG-mobile by reading the MuniSight Mobile Overview, because the AG-mobile application is built in mobile. The MuniSight Mobile overview, includes:

  • Navigation in mobile
  • Managing GIS layers
  • Viewing and modifying feature information

MuniSight Mobile Overview.

Collect weed and pest infestations

Weed and pest infestations are collected in the field, using the mobile application

Learn how to record weed and pest infestations.

View historical inspection information

You can see records of past inspections in AG-Mobile, or in Webmap.

Learn how to view historical inspections.

Weed and pest infestation reporting

Optimize and manage your inspection processes by reporting on your operations.

Infestation reporting.

Case Management

The term "Case" refers to an infestation instance. Cases are used to track specific infestations and can be managed in Webmap.

Generate Inspection Follow-up Report

Create Inspection Summary Report

Custom Configurations

AG-mobile can be configured in Webmap to meet specific operational requirements

Learn how to configure AG-mobile

Learn how to add or remove an Inspector