A record of the number of pre-paid General Service Hours (GSH) can be viewed directly in MuniSight.

To access the GSH report, simply sign into MuniSight and select the Tool icon in the toolbar, on the right side.


  • Opening balance - the number of GSH at the start of the month
  • Less: Usage during the month - the number of GSH that were used
  • Less: Expiry - the number of GSH that cease to be valid
  • Add: Contract subscription - the number of GSHs that are purchased during the period.

Note that:

  • Only users with Site Administrator permission level may access the GSH Report
  • The Report is updated on a monthly basis, and is published before the 15th day of each month

If your GSH report is not displaying correctly or if you have any questions about the numbers displayed in the report, please contact support@munisight.com