Configure MuniSight AMP to match specific needs that your Municipality may have.

The following variables can be configured in MuniSight AMP:

Replacement Cost Model

MuniSight AMP can generate a replacement cost based on various costing models. The software comes pre-loaded with a "MuniSight Model" that is a cost model, generated by the software. You have the option to select this model, to have no model, or to generate your own custom cost model. To generate a custom model, please contact MuniSight support.

Relative Condition

You can set a list of standard questions to help ensure consistency in how your Municipality evaluates the condition of various assets.

Level of Service

Establish a common set of evaluation criteria to determine whether or not an asset is delivering on its intended design. Questions can be generated for Customer, Legislated, or Technical evaluation criteria.

Configuration can be managed in the "Settings" menu in the left navigation bar. Once in the settings section for the desired Asset Class, select the Asset Type and configuration options will appear.