Geomedia Help Portal

Disclaimer: Geomedia is a product of Hexagon Geospatial, not one of our Munisight products, but we do have quite a bit of integration with it, especially when it comes to user workspaces. This guide is included in our Help Portal as a courtesy to better understand how to use Geomedia, but we are not affiliated with Geomedia or any of the links provided below.

Geomedia Basics

Adding a New Layer

Right-clicking inside the legend box should bring up a menu allowing you to Add a new layer to the map or to add a New Group to the Legend.

Renaming a Layer

To rename a legend entry, double click on the layer name in the Legend and type a new name (just like renaming a file or folder in Windows)

Reordering the Legend


Please note that there are two tabs that make up the Legend: The Display Order tab and the Groups tab. Moving the legend entries while in the Group tab only changes the legend appearance and does not change how the layers display on the map itself. The Display Order legend tab is used if you would like to move the displayed data on the map underneath or overtop of the data from another layer.

Once you have added your desired layers, you can click and drag them to reorder them, or move them into groups. 


Geomedia Troubleshooting:

If Geomedia does not open correctly, please use the Task Manager to close all instances of Geomedia before reopening.

If Geomedia gives an error called "Failed to open document" it means it has been saved in a more recent version of Geomedia. We only support Geomedia 2015 and 2016, and encourage our clients not to update to the most recent version. You can open older workspaces with a newer version, but once it is saved in the newer version it cannot be opened in the older version. At this point your workspace would not be recoverable and we would need to create a new workspace for you.

If Geomedia opens correctly but your data has not refreshed, please check the Warehouse Connections to ensure that all the necessary connections are active, then navigate to the Queries menu and open the properties tab of any Queries in order for them to refresh (you do not need to change the structure of the query, merely opening it should suffice). 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Munisight Support and we will help you with your request.



Geomedia has its own Help Portal. To choose a topic you can select one from the left sidebar within the portal. For popular topics you may select from these links:

Warning: Some of these links may be outdated.


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