I cannot see sections of the map in MuniSight mobile.

  • Check to see if your device has internet access
  • If yes, and the problem persists, please contact MuniSight Support
  • If no, then you need to gain internet access in order to download GIS information.

My mobile application is missing a GIS layer.

  • Check to see if the GIS layer exists in Webmap. If it does exist in Webmap, then contact MuniSight Support.
  • If the layer does not exist, then it must first be added to your Webmap before it can be viewed in MuniSight Mobile.

My mobile application is crashing, or has bugs

  • Update the application to the latest version by visiting the Google Play, or Apple Appstore.
  • If the problem persists, contact MuniSight Support.

Error messages

  • An active subscription to MuniSight Mobile Collector is required to utilize this functionality. Please contact your site Administrator or MuniSight Support for further information
    • In this case, the User is attempting to use functionality that is available with an active MuniSight Mobile Collector subscription, and the Municipality has not subscribed to this product
    • The Municipality must contact MuniSight Support to obtain a quote for upgrading their MuniSight Mobile application
  • Permission declined. Please contact your MuniSight Administrator to enable this functionality
    • In this case, the User is attempting to access information or functionality that is not available to them.
    • The Municipality’s MuniSight Administrator must modify the User’s permissions in order to enable functionality.