Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MuniSight's Mobile Application.

What are the hardware requirements?

  • MuniSight mobile runs on Android and iOS operating systems. Any hardware that uses these operating systems can be used to run MuniSight Mobile.

How do I login?

  • Download & install the application
  • If Android: go to Google Play Store
  • If iOS: Go to App store
  • Use your Webmap credentials
  • login using your webmap credentials (username & password)

I have access to multiple GIS sites, how do I change which site I am viewing?

  • Login to the application
  • After login, if the user does in fact have access to multiple sites, then they will be prompted to choose which site they want to visit
  • Switching to another site
  • User must log-out and then log back in.

How much cellphone data, does the application use?

  • There is a large variance in application data usage. If a user wishes to minimize the amount of cellphone data usage, it is recommended that they operate MuniSight mobile, while connected to wireless internet services (wi-fi).

Can the public access the mobile application?

  • This functionality is not included in the current application but is being considered for future releases.

How do I view a GIS layer?

How do I view information or details about a feature on the GIS map?

I want to collect asset locations in the field.

I want to collect a new set of assets in the field.

  • Assets can only be collected when there is a corresponding GIS layer.
  • If you want to create a new type of asset to be collected in MuniSight Mobile, then you must first create the GIS layer in Webmap.

How do I sync my MuniSight Mobile application, with Webmap?

  • MuniSight mobile will automatically synchronize its data with Webmap when it has internet access, via wireless internet (wi-fi) or cellphone coverage.

How do I log-out?

  • Users can logout by accessing the application’s settings page.
  • Access the MuniSight Mobile Menu
  • Click on the gear icon, at the bottom of the menu
  • Select “Logout”

What information does the application collect about me?

  • User privacy is very important to MuniSight. Please consult MuniSight’s privacy guideline for additional information about how MuniSight uses User Information.