In the geospatial context, a thematic is a representation of different values displayed on a map. For example, a thematic can be used to display land zoning classifications on a map.

How to turn on Thematic Values:

  • Under the Legend tab
  • Click the check box beside the land use classification, for example, to turn on the layer in the map. 

How to edit Thematic Values:

  • Click the gear icon beside the particular value, to the left of the checkbox.
  • The Thematic Manager window will open. 

  • Select or deselect the applicable components of the value to view on the map. 
  • For example, deselect general recreation under the land use value to turn off this thematic in the map. Click Apply to make the changes. 
  • Click the gear icon and reselect the value to restore the thematic in the application.