The following guide will assist in completing a search within Webmap. There are many types of searches available, this will cover the most common searches. 

Smart Search 

  • Search for criteria such as owner, land parcel, landmark, an address, legal location, roll numbers and information within a description.  
  • In the searches tab on the left, select smart search under the search group down drop. 
  • Type in the search criteria in the text box, the search can include either numerical values or letters. Select the applicable item from the search criteria window. 
  • Click Search and the map will zoom to and mark the particular item. Hover over the item for more information. 


Parcel Search

  • Select parcel in the search group drop down. 
  • Under type, select to search by the municipal roll number or the provincial LINC number.
  • Input the numerical value in the Roll #  or LINC # field. 
  • The search options all the user to add a buffer at a specific distance or export the information. For example, the owner and property information could be selected to mail information out. Click Search. 
  • The parcel as well as adjacent landowners will be highlighted on the map. The adjacent landowners are defined by the selected buffer. 
  • The exported information or map can be downloaded in a CSV file format. 
  • Turn on imagery or different map layers before the search is complete, so that they are included in the map image export. 

Landmark Search

  • Search for landmarks based on the drop down list. 
  • A list of locations will generated based on the landmark type.

Transportation Search

  • Search for a specific intersection using the transportation search group and the intersection or the Find Road search type. In this example an intersection search type is used. 
  • Input the two road names to define the intersection search. 
  • This is useful to add a routing point. 

Spatial Search

  • Use the shapes to select parcels of land.
  • Add a buffer to select adjacent landowners. 
  • Useful to notify landowners in the case of road work. Define the road using the line by drawing a rectangle that contains the road. This will highlight all the parcels of land adjacent to the road. 
  • The same export option is available as parcel searches. 

Clear the Search

  • Use the refresh button to remove any searches from the map.