Viewing Layers at Certain Scales 

Certain features in Webmap may be unavailable and grayed out. This is because features are only available at certain map scales. In the image below Roads are unavailable. The Hydro Features appear in black and is available at this particular scale.

**If all features were available at every scale, the maps would become crowded with information and difficult to read.** 

Hover the mouse over a feature and a tool tip will indicate at what scale the feature will display. 

Adjusting Visible Scales

If a layer is not visible at the current scale and you would like the layer to be, you can adjust the visible scale. 

Step 1: Select the icon for the layer you want to adjust. For example the thematic icon on Roads is selected. 

Step 2: A Thematic window will appear and expand the Visible Scale. Click on Custom and input the required scale options as necessary.