Reports allows users to generate reports summarizing applications they have entered into PD. These reports can be used for monthly council presentations, general statistics to the community, internal review of activity, global picture of activity in the municipality, and more.

View a report

  • Click Reports for Development Permits, Subdivisions, or Amendments.
  • Click the report you want to open.

Apply a filter to a report

Filters allow the user to display a subset of records in the report, while excluding records that are not relevant to the purpose of the report. For example, common filters include category, electoral division, status, or zoning.

  • Select the value(s) to include or exclude from the report. 
    • Click the Down arrow to expand the drop down list.
    • Press and hold CTRL to select multiple values. 
    • Click to Up arrow to collapse the drop down list. 
    • Check the Not checkbox to exclude the selected value(s) from the report. 
  • Click Refresh, represented by the recycle arrows, to apply the filter to the report. 

Apply a date filter to a report

A date filter allow the user to display a subset of records in the report pertaining to a specific date range. For example, common date filters include decision date, expiry date, issue date or received date.

  • A date filter can be configured as a drop down list of standard options or as a date range.
  • Standard options include last month, current month, current year and since last run 
  • A date range allows the user to enter a period of time that meets the purpose of the report.

Using groups to show statistics in a report

PD has the ability to display grouped data to show statistics about the selected data. Common groupings for data include category, electoral division, existing land use, proposed land use, or zoning.

Export a report to excel or PDF

  • Select Export to Excel or Export to PDF from Report Options at the bottom left of the report window. 
  • The excel file opens in .xls format. 

PDF properties

PDF properties allows you to define the page margins, size and orientation, as well as headers and footers.

  • Select PDF properties from Report Options at the bottom left of the Report window. 
  • Select headers and footers using the drop down lists. 

  • Enter the margins and select the page size and orientation using the drop down lists.

Refer to the document create a letter or notice for more information.