The following step by step guide will assist in adding a point feature. Point features can consist of well sites, water valves, fire hydrants, etc. Use this functionality to record the spatial location of particular assets that can be represented by a point on a map.

STEP 1: Select the applicable feature from the tool bar on the left hand side and turn on the layer with the check box. In this example, a fire hydrant is being added. Click on the pencil to add the feature. 

STEP 2: Click on the + button to add the new feature. 

STEP 3: Select a point on the map and click the check mark. To move the feature, click and drag. 

STEP 4: Utilize the Lat: & Long: feature to pin point a specific location on the map. Click the > button to add the feature. 

STEP 5: Enter the applicable information in the attribute window. There is an option to add images at the bottom of this window. 

STEP 6: The fire hydrant now appears on the map. 

STEP 7: Click on the fire hydrant again to modify or make further changes.