The following step by step guide will assist in accessing disposition data. Disposition data is downloaded from AltaLIS and AltaLIS maintains the data in collaboration with the Municipality. 

STEP 1: Log into MuniSight. 

STEP 2: In the Legend, on left side of the screen, scroll down to the Planning Development tab and locate the Dispositions Manager subgroup. 

a. The Dispositions Data is only visible/displayed at a certain scale, as per the image above. If the Dispositions Manager label appears in italics and in a light grey font, the information will not be available. Zoom in on the map using the magnifier on the top right of the map or a wheel on a mouse.

b. Once the correct scale has been reached, the Dispositions Manager label will appear in a black font. 

STEP 3: To display the Dispositions data check the empty box beside the Dispositions Manager label as well as clicking on the far left box. 

STEP 4: The Dispositions Manager window will display. 

STEP 5: Select the appropriate dispositions data. This can be done by clicking on the box beside the name of the data, clicking the select all button at the top or by clicking on the check box beside each subgroup such as Municipal. If all disposition data related to the Municipal subgroup is chosen, then any disposition data that is the same in another subgroup will also appear. For example, roadway is found within the Forestry and Municipal subgroups and will all be included in the data display.

STEP 6: Once a selection is complete click on the Update Map button on the bottom left and close the window by clicking on the Close button on the bottom right or the top right. 

STEP 7: The selected disposition data will appear on the map. Hover the mouse over the data, a specific data set will be highlighted and more information will appear. 

STEP 8: Click on a specific disposition on the map to open an attribute window. Close the window at the top right when done viewing the data.

STEP 9: To turn off the disposition data, open the Disposition Manager window and click the Deselect All button as well as the Update Map button.

STEP 10: Deselect the Disposition Manager from the Legend as well. The Disposition Manager uses a large data set, turning off this function when not in use will help to maintain optimal responsiveness of the MuniSight Application.