The following step by step guide will help you to collect an asset in the field with the MuniSight mobile application.   

STEP 1: Select on the collection tool on the right side.

STEP 2: Select the type of asset that you would like to collect. Anything that is collected will be associated with a GIS layer. Selecting the Asset Type in this step, associates whatever is being collected the selected GIS layers.

STEP 3: Select collection method. MuniSight Mobile offers a few different options to record the location of an asset. Each method can be selected using the fly-wheel.

GPS Location - use your device's GPS to provide a location. Note the accuracy of the GPS location depends on the accuracy of the device.

Pin - specify the location of an asset by dropping a pin. Ideal for assets that are indicated by a point feature (ie. fire hydrants, street signs, etc)

Line - draw a line to indicate the vector of the asset. Ideal for linear assets such as roads.

Polygon - draw a shape to indicate the area of the asset.

STEP 4: Locate and record the location of your asset on the map, and use the collection method to record the asset.

STEP 5: Follow the application prompts to record basic asset information. Once complete, the asset will be displayed on the map.

Note that Asset Collection Functionality is only included with MuniSight AMP subscriptions, or can be purchased with a stand-alone subscription. Contact MuniSight Support, to learn more about enabling Asset Collector functionality.