The following step by step guide will show you how to view GIS layers within the MuniSight mobile application.  

STEP 1: Select the MuniSight Mobile Menu to access a list of GIS layers.

STEP 2: Choose which layer to feature on the map by selecting the appropriate layer, for example property features. It is possible to select multiple layers simultaneously. To close the layers, click the X on the top right of the window or click on the grey map. 

STEP 3: Once selected, the GIS layer will appear on the map. In a case where a selected layer is not displaying on the map, there may be another layer that is overlapping on top of it and therefore must be turnt off.

Note that which layers are available is controlled by the MuniSight Webmap application. Therefore if any layers are missing, then they need to be added in MuniSight Webmap.