The following step by step guide provides an overview of the MuniSight Asset Inventory Report in order to maintain and organize all assets. 

The Asset Inventory report helps to identify a particular asset, especially if the asset ID number is not initially known. The report also generates entire lists of a particular asset type.

STEP 1: Launch MuniSight and log in using your credentials.

STEP 2: Choose Asset Management from the pick list on the top left of the navigation bar.

STEP 3: Click on the Asset Inventory button on the left. 

STEP 4: The Asset Inventory will generate a report based on all assets or filter the results by selecting a particular asset icon.

     a. To filter by asset type, select the asset type at the top of the menu.

b. To further filter by information pertaining to a particular group of assets, add filter criteria using the smart search field at the top of the table.

c. To export the inventory report to an excel file, click on the "Export to CSV" button.