The following step by step guide will help  to create an asset relative condition assessment in order to manage and maintain all assets accordingly. 

STEP 1: Launch MuniSight and log in using your credentials.

STEP 2: Choose Asset Management from the pick list on the top left of the navigation bar.

STEP 3: Use the find asset search feature on the left side of the screen and input the asset ID number.

STEP 4: Select the applicable asset within the search field.

STEP 5: The asset detail page will appear.

STEP 6: Scroll down to see the relative condition assessment feature.

STEP 7: Click on the pencil icon within the relative condition assessment box.

STEP 8: Locate the relative condition tab. 

STEP 9: To add a new condition assessment click:

STEP 10: The following step by step prompt will appear. Click save on the top right to save changes or cancel.