Enable your Municipal workforce to gain access to the information that they need, in the field. The MuniSight Mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded in the Apple Store or in Google Play.

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View GIS Layers

MuniSight mobile is fully integrated with all other MuniSight products, and allows users to pull up GIS layers in the field.

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View & Modify Feature Information

Feature attributes can be viewed, and edited, by using the Feature Selection Tool in MuniSight. This allows team members in the field to gain detailed information about any physical assets in the field.

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Collect Asset Information

Users may locate and input feature information into their MuniSight system, using the mobile application. Assets can be added using your devices GPS signal, or by drawing a point/line/polygon in the application.

Note that Asset Collection Functionality is only included with MuniSight AMP subscriptions, or can be purchased with a stand-alone subscription. Contact MuniSight Support, to learn more about enabling Asset Collector functionality.

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