The dashboard provides a snapshot view of the state of a Municipality’s Asset Management program.

Summary Reports

MuniSight AMP provides several out-of-the-box reports to help Municipal Administrators get a good summary of the state of their Asset Management program. Standard reports include:

  • Total Replacement Cost - A clear estimate of the asset value in your municipality, per asset type
  • Relative Asset Condition - Understand the shape of the assets in your Municipality
  • Data Quality - Asset management programs are only as good as the information that is put in them. Understand what proportion of your assets are missing critical data
  • Risk Scores - A view of the level of a Municipality's risk exposure, due to potential asset failure
  • Level of Service Gaps - understand how many assets are not meeting Level of Service Targets

Use the dashboard for:

  • A quick, high-level view of your Asset Management Program
  • Council, or team meeting presentations

If any of the reports are not visible, then please contact MuniSight Support to have them enabled.