How to create a new User in MuniSight Webmap

Note that this functionality is only available to System Administrators. 

Mobile App accounts are also created using this process. PD accounts are created using a different process.

STEP 1: Click on the hamburger icon on the right, choose manage users from the drop down. 

STEP 2: The Manage User window will appear. Note if it is a regional set up, a list of sites will appear in the grid. If it is a single site, one row will appear.  

STEP 3: Click the New button beside Select User. 

STEP 4: Choose the role from the drop down menu beside the applicable site. Most users will have Viewer or Editor roles. In Regional sites, if a new user should not be associated with a particular site, choose None as the role. 

STEP 5: Click the check boxes under the Active column and the Disclaimer Accepted column.

STEP 6: Fill in the Username in the Name field. 

STEP 7: Type a new password and confirm the new password. The password must contain an uppercase letter, a number and a symbol as well as be a minimum of 8-10 characters long. 

STEP 8: Click Save on the bottom right. A confirmation message will appear when the new user has been created. Click close on the bottom right. 

STEP 9: Log out to finish setting up the new user account. 

STEP 10: Log in to Webmap with the name and password of the new user.

STEP 11: Fill in the first name, last name, email and department within the user profile fields and click OK. The email address will be used as the username. Phone number is an optional field. This step will not be asked when the user logs in again in the future. In the future, the user will only be required to log in through Step 10. 

STEP 12: The user can now log in using their email address as the username and their password to the Webmap. They can also use the same credentials to login to the Mobile App, including AG-Mobile and Collector modules if applicable to their user roles.